dear tyler knott gregson i am stealing your stuff

the hush gets photographic for its weekly edition

If you know Tyler Knott Gregson and signed up to his newsletter, you will know he does newsletters containing nothing but photos. Well, today, I am running down the same alley and going to do something with more photos than words because today was the sort of day that didn’t need them and at times, stole them. Let me prove it:

gif o clock

the one that features a poem where a song should be

Whilst I'm out here stealing Tyler's shit, I may as well steal from friends too. Why not? I am also posting a poem where the song should be because today's that sort of day it is. This poem is funny but hella serious too and I am all in for that stuff. So enjoy it and tomorrow ima send an extra email with the prompts and stuff.

Enjoy homies. See you tomorrow.