darkness isn't always the villain

the hush talks about darkness

Funny how so much changes when you strip away the colour. Leave nothing but the monotone yet somehow it still remains beautiful. Today has been a monotone day. A day where I searched but couldn't find the hues. I think too often I forget that not all darkness is ugly. So much good has happened without the sun present. So much love has been found in the presence of no more than a candle light. Not all darkness is destructive and I am grateful today was not a destructive day. Today was today. It existed and not much more. We talk so much about the extremes, get lost in them, that the middles feel so strange. The not much days. The barely made it off the couch days. But we all need them. We need the down time that isn't caused by a deafening darkness - listen to its whispers and submit. Rest before the darkness turns deadly because it does and it can so quickly. Look after yourself homies and take it easy.


Not all darkness

is born determined

to cause destruction.


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gif o clock

Ben Platt delivers

Again, I will be doing a big write up soon so I won't say too much but this whole album is amazing!

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