Dark, dark bright

1st March 2021


I warned y'all we were going big on Scottish music so here's a Glasgow record that played a huge part in my life.

In 2013, a band named 'There Will Be Fireworks’ released an album titled 'The Dark, Dark Bright' and I don't remember how it found its way to me but it did and it probably saved my life. It was the start of a winter where some great something occupied the empty spaces inside me and for a while, I felt nothing. I say the great something because it's Monday and I'm not ready for the internal debate on whether you can be so sad you can no longer feel it or whether that's beyond sadness and titled something completely different. But anyway, the dark, dark bright - it is the sort of record you die to and emerge reborn from. I tried everything to full the spaces between sleep and until this record found me, nothing pulled me from the fog. If I had to describe it in three words, as unpoetic as they are, ‘atmospheric mind fuck’ seems to fit the bill. There are certain records you will find that reach in and give you a much needed shake. They unblock whatever it was stopping the tears and they swallow up the fog and let you move forward. I cried two million shades of tears listening to this record for the first time through a stereo I bought for 6.99 at a car boot sale and I feel that's another conversation for another time but the way in which we consume, alters the experience. These days we are all about the best everything but there's something about the worst that feels a little more human. For example, at the midpoint of track two, 'The River’ these speakers couldn't reach the notes the snares were putting out but damn, they gave it their best and there's something relatable about that. The last minute of 'Here Is Where’ becomes a different song when the speakers voice cracks and it was this song that helped me find all the tears I needed to empty out of myself and 'South Street' is where the rebirth happened. I am telling you this story on a Monday because I know what it is to feel bleak and helpless and what it is to feel like there is no answer to the questions you can't figure out but most definitely lurk inside you. An answer will come. It is often out of the blue when you least expect it and the dark, dark bright is that to me. A life line I never expected to find and I never found it, it found me. On a smaller scale, whatever you are feeling, there is a resolve even when you don't believe there is. Whatever I need to feel, I find it in the dark, dark bright and maybe you will too. Have a good week homies and stay safe out there.

Never be ashamed

of being human.

Feel those feelings.

Gif o clock

This is exactly how I woke up this morning.

I wanna name my kid Biffy for three reasons, here's one of them.

And if you feel up for it, here's the record I talked about up there. I find it heavy, in the sense of emotions and all that shiz and it definitely kicks my butt but in a good way.