the hush asks you to get creative.

Today I want to get a little creative. Instead of simply posting a form for you all to try, I want us all to create new forms. In Mind Noise Two I introduced a couple of new forms and I always like experimenting with new ways to write poetry. Let me introduce the poetry form I call 'Sunday' basically because it's just for fun and it's pretty lazy. The title appears also as the last line and the title is already 90% done for you - hence lazy. The title starts with 'It is' followed by a specific thing. For example:

  • It is raining

  • It is getting late

  • It is dark

  • It is time we acknowledge that green lantern wasn't as bad as it seems

  • It is impossible to hate cookies

Following the title tell us about the thing. Almost like a list but not quite. It is simple requiring you to be observational and present. I also limited the form to seven lines, including the title to represent the seventh day. And since one is repeating you really only have to write six. There isn't a specific syllable count because it's Sunday - instead, keep the lines short and punchy like an angry raccoon. Here's one I did called 'It is Sunday'

It is Sunday

You can tell by the silence

and how the alarm isn't snoring.

How the coffee is less black

and the eggs are more golden.

Everything moves slower.

It is Sunday.

And here is another called 'It is lunchtime’ which I guess is more catered towards kids poetry but fun, still.

It is lunchtime

And I could eat a cow.

I could eat a field.

I could eat a house.

I could eat a street.

Even a salad made out of jeeps.

It is lunchtime.

So that's my poetry form, it's called Sunday. Write one if you want but most importantly create new forms for all of us to write. Enjoy the last slither of weekend, homies.


Dare we seek

to feel joy

without the shame

It wouldn't be a Sunday newsletter without me saying something about humanity. How many seek joy and avoid it simultaneously. Ashamed of what makes them joyful. Ashamed of liking a certain something. Ashamed of being happy surrounded by sadness. Find what makes you happy, chase it, do it till you die and never apologise for it.

gif o clock

It's you, it's me, it's us. Creators.

any time any place

That's where this album fits. It's an album for everywhere. And i won't say too much because this album will be appearing on old tin cup very soon. But here. It's dope.

Slight update, subscribers will not get exclusive single write up on the old tin cup section. So if you haven't

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