Childlike Eyes

10th February 2021


Through here is the everything, the fact and the fiction. Through here is all you can imagine, your wildest dreams roaming freely. It may look the same but, what if it isn’t? What if this is Narnia or some far off fantastical place and we don’t even know it? I’d bet my favourite Ryan Adams t shirt that somewhere, there is a lion talking. I am willing to bet my life that at minimum, magic is real. It may not be sparks or puffs of smoke but it is there in the laughter of children. It is there in the way they run, weightless without worry; unconcerned about what tomorrow may bring. It is there in snow angels and large leaps into piles of leaves. Magic exists in each and every one of us, go searching and you will find it. I promise it is there, it, is there.

Never grow up.1

There's more magic

through childlike eyes.

2 I have no idea what these numbers are.

GIF O Clock

Because this made me laugh too much, y'all need to see it and learn this trick.

Radio Company

Jensen Ackles is a talented man. A very talented man. I have loved his singing for years but in 2019 he formed a group with Steve Carson under the moniker 'Radio Company' and boy, does it go the fuck off. The lead single was 'Sounds And Someday' and it arguably is the best number off the record, were adding Radio Company to the future essays list.

Mr Doveys Love Manual

I started writing the zine for Valentine's which was originally going to sit alongside the AF series but instead, this one will be titled 'Mr Doveys Love Manual'. The difference this time around is that it is a sample zine. This has so much more potential and I've decided in the future, I want to make it a full project! Anyway, as always, it will be free! But if you want to donate for my efforts or to just support, they'll be on gumroad or sign yourself up for a month here. Sweet. That comes out Sunday!! And I can't wait till you can read it

Until next time. Peace and love.