chickens and rusty spiders

the hush asks some big questions and lets some chickens out of coops which is as much of a metaphor as it isn't

Too often we ponder on the where yet we lose sight of the what and the who. When you ask yourself where you'll be in the years to come, do you ever wonder on the who? In the last few years, I have grown more than I ever imagined. Gained patience and confidence above all things. Where I am shocks me less than who I have become. We have been doing this Substack thing for nearly a year now and for that almost year Sundays have been that day of reflection. If I ask you who will you be in five? What do you hope has changed about yourself? What would you answer? I know there is lots of work to be done and in five years I hope I learn how to react less in certain situations. I have a long way to go before I can be called a patient man but ironically that requires more patience. The big question I want to ask today is who are you? And are you who you want to be? I feel these are some huge questions to end a weekend on but this isn’t a test with a right answer, just something to provoke thought. Go into this week remembering what you are. Human with a tendency to make errors. I don’t expect anybody to share their answers for these ones and I suppose to a certain degree they are rhetorical in the sense that the answer is never-ending. Who you are is constantly shifting - and we learn new things about ourselves still but right now, at this moment, who are you? And are you at peace with the answer? I wrote this 3x3 the other day that stemmed the whole idea of this newsletter

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Tell a story mentioning as many shapes as possible. Bonus point for every use of oblong.

I titled mine Gazing upon a house I once lived in and it is below:

The wind throws itself at the walls, the house a parrallelogram now. Leaning towards something and I'm still trying to figure out what. The windows have become rectangles, blinds acting as eyelids, barely open. I have seen the roof push off its toes, tighten its triangle shape and try and become a rocket. How quick the moon shifts from a Cresent to a circle. So suddenly we lose the stars. The oblong path nearly meanders now and the moonlight barely finds it. What transformed this heart into a diamond? It seems everything dreams of being something they are not and I sigh a little, hoping the chicken made it.

Shape count: 9 (or 11 if we count rocket and chicken. Chicken is definitely a shape, come on)

And here is the proof!

He also has some straight-upbeat bangers. Not everybody’s cup of tea but I am Welsh and love all sorts of tea. That was terrible, let’s forget it ever happened. Cool. Upbeat songs, below.

Hope the week goes well homies!

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