Cheese for your eyes

18th January 2021


Happy Monday to you all!

If you look at yourself right now and think who you'll be in five years, who are you? Even more so, if you look back, where are you compared to where you thought? I never imagined i’d be here with the love of my life who was born eleven thousand miles away. Never thought I'd be this stable mentally. I had no idea who I was five years ago or where I was going and I never thought I would but I do now. I know you can be in a certain situation and feel like it's that forever and your lack of direction may concern but ever since I have met Sav, I have had more faith in the universe than ever before. If we found each other, then anything seems possible. And yes, on the surface that's cheesy but the mathematical chance of us not only falling in love but also making it work must be astronomical. As for the other areas of life, I feel I am behind but getting there. You don't have to share these but where are you going? And if you don't know, does that scare you? Because it shouldn't. The whole point of this mini rant is just to say, keep being you and it will fall in place. Cliché as it may sound. A boy from Wales met a girl from New Zealand and now they live together and are 1000+ days into a relationship - what else can I do to prove it 😉

Till the end

we will walk

hand in hand.

Hopes always here.

Just some days

it stays silent

Gif O Clock

Dragon lands is going to be available for pre-order before the end of the week!!!

What is this?! The 2000s?

I've been feeling this album a lot lately but this song especially. Check it.

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Share Mind Noise by Ash Raymond James


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