Chaser For Life

3rd March 2021


A little over four years ago, I enrolled on this course called Chasers Of The Light because I needed growth and direction in my life. Little did I know I'd be enrolling into a family. Little did I know I'd stumble into the love of my life. I think even Tyler & Sarah would agree with me when I say, that that course became something beyond what it was supposed to be. The lives that it changed, the bonds that were formed were wildly unpredictable in the best of ways. Four years on and I still connect with a bunch of them daily, others, less than I should but family, still. This online course was something I expected so little of. Not because of it but because of me. I wasn't in a place to accept love, to be social, to be anything but alone, however, I was thrown into this place full of people bursting with kindness and understanding and before long I was giving myself to it, wholly without any fear. The one thing I take with me every day from this course is never expect, simply accept. That your life has a little obsession with the cliff edges of change and tethers there frequently. Basically, there's a chance something life changing is on the cusp - there's a chance that that one thing you thought was 'no big deal’ turns out to be the King Kong of Space. I wear this chaser tag to remind me of all that love anytime I get low. I am beyond thankful for every single one of those people and all it took was a small step, not even a leap, into some unknown something and so suddenly it became everything I was searching for. Sav was a chaser too and it's crazy to think, one day I am going to marry that girl and all it took was a deep breath before stepping wildly into the dark (I couldn't help myself).

Miracles are found

in the places

we least expect


As promised, here's the new take on TEN.

Check this:

Gif O Clock

Sometimes life be like:

Cover your ears

The intro can be quite a lot to take in but this song is dope. Also, before you ask, yes they are Scottishhhh

I've heard a rumour that everytime somebody subscribes a duck laughs and well, there's only one real way to test it….

Share Mind Noise by Ash Raymond James

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