Captain Escape Route

5th April 2021


Today I fell down the rabbit hole of 1966 Batman clips on YouTube and I realised how much I want a bookcase that slides away and reveals a pole to a cave or lair. I cannot seem to escape the noise lately - it finds me, wraps me in chains and puts a tonne weight on my chest. So much of what surrounds me is out of my control - I have felt the world latch onto my skin and found myself growing inwards and as each day passes I am forgetting more and more, how to breathe. I am learning the importance of a daily stroll, fresh cold air in the lungs puts a lot into perspective. I formed this reminder, this mantra of sorts. A simple three word sentence: breathe out now. It is strange to need a reminder to do such an automatic thing, a thing many might assume comes naturally but it is the same comparison as surviving and being alive. Stop surviving, come alive and breathe out now.

Gif of the day

How it feels to breathe lately

Tokyo Time Machine

If you ain't heard the band 'Tokyo Police Club’ you probably should gets to the knowing. They have some proper tunes. But primarily, let's have a wee chat about Champ. This recently celebrated its ten year anniversary and I don't think I've ever listened to an album as much as this during a first week release. I can't explain exactly what it is but it's experimental and fresh with every listen. And even now, ten years on, I can listen and relive the first listen. It is a rare quality and if this is your first listen, don't worry, it won't be your last first.