Bokeh And Batman

19th February 2021


As cliché as it might be, there is always light even when we convince ourselves we are surrounded only by black. Balance is a bitch sometimes, for these scales never seem to understand what it is to settle. I am a seesaw of a man, today dipping into the pool of doubt and sorrow. Today, losing a little belief in tomorrow. I am overwhelmed by the next step, not so much lost, more overloaded with decisions, choices that determine things a little too big for this brain of mine. This mind feels like a well and if you dropped a penny, I don't know if it would ever stop falling. Today, this is who I am and I know of my own struggles & flaws and I know it gets better - I could say that a million times and not quite believe it but I am here endlessly trying to convince myself of this truth. Today, I did not give up and that is all the victory I need to taste.

New style. New poem.

Gif o clock

For all you Monday to Friday workers out there.

Let it ride

Three songs. One title.

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