9th February 2021


Today, I am thinking about how it is 2021 and we are still not in full agreement of when the week begins. I asked a few people and some said Sunday, others said Monday and one mad bastard said Saturday. The typical argument is Sunday & Monday and it is strange how little things alter between people. Something as simple as the starting line of a week and then it snowballs. We are all different people and if there's one thing I want to focus on this week is that individuals have individual opinions on almost everything. Where the lines cross tends to be where the foundations of friendship begin but even the best of friends can have the most drastic difference of opinion on a certain something. I feel there are times we allow these differences to alter the feelings we have and we get lost in what is wrong and what is right over something as trivial as 'who played Batman the best'. The truth is, what makes us different is what makes us unique and it is ultimately what makes humanity so interesting. Essentially it is okay to be different and what I am saying is this week, listen and respond without the desire to change. Find your differences and explore them and use your bat repellent to fight away the urge to convince somebody to alter how they think about a certain something. And don't be scared to live outside of what's popular - be you and never apologize for that. Have a good Monday everybody

I like to imagine days as characters sometimes. As people. As alive beings. And today, Monday is this

Monday rocks up

two hours late

not wearing shoes.

GIF O Clock

Actual footage of me waking up this morning

Songs called Monday for your Monday. Monday squared.

Here's three songs over three different genres and vibes, all called Monday.

Share Mind Noise by Ash Raymond James

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