avalanche | 14th nov 2021

let us talk about avalanche

I am me. Through and through. I am terrible at the art of being anything else and I am not sad about that. I don’t know where this confidence stems from. This almost selfish joy. But I have never had trouble with expression of self. Never truly known what it is to be red-cheeked and embarrassed. I am blessed that way. I know many struggle about self, fit snuggly in their shelves, and only emerge when they feel it is safe to do so. I want to say today, it is safe to do so. Right now. In ten minutes. In an hour. In a day. In a week. Always. I have this poem called avalanche and if you are reading this then you will most likely know the poem I am talking about. The poem is far from spectacular. It is rather basic and short and not really special but when I wrote it, I loved it. I posted it on Instagram and initially, it bombed. I decided the poem deserved more so a week later I posted it again and again, it bombed. I went through this process like six times before finally, it gained some traction. That poem now closes every set and people read it on their lives often. Out of all my poems, that is the one that is recited by others the most. It is my most popular poem and I feel it captures me in such a snapshot manner and I simply refused for it to be ignored. I knew this poem deserved to be heard, deserved to be loved, and deserved to be special. And now, the more I think about it, I see how that Avalanche poem is relatable to life. Not the words but the way I pushed it into the world and demanded attention for it.

You are a poem because we, as humans, all are and your true self at times is a misunderstood poem. And like avalanche, you can either stay as that one poem until the right people find you and love you for what you are or you can change your words and be loved by people who aren’t truly loving YOU. The beauty of being misunderstood, however, is that you are given more space to be understood. Avalanche isn’t really poetic but I loved it so I rallied for it to be loved and eventually, it was. Self-love is a vital component to all things. Be you and love the real you without thinking about other factors such as being liked or being popular. Your true people will gravitate to your natural self even if it does take time. I love this poem now as much as I ever have. In summary, today, all I really wanted to say again was be you. Be avalanche. Be the poem you were meant to be and even if you feel like a single syllable, never allow anybody to claim you are less than an epic.


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