And I will always love you.

21st February 2021


Thanks to the wonderful Tyler Knott Gregson, I know we have a lot of new readers for this Sunday newsletter! So first off let me say thank you and welcome to Mind Noise. The Sunday editions of these things are typically open to everybody to comment and discuss whatever but this week, let's all use it to say hello so I can say thank you personally to the new readers, check in on the existing ones and maybe we can all make a new friend today. As for Sunday itself, we all know it is my favourite day - a day for nothingness, for letting go of the week behind and finding some clarity before another week throws fresh out the oven apple pies at us. On the surface that doesn't sound so bad but we all know there's no hotter substance on earth than fresh out of the oven apple filling. I went down the poetic road and lost control of the wheel a little bit, that happens a lottle. Anyway, alongside saying hello, share your favourite moment of the week. Mine was definitely Savs birthday because we ate too much sugar and I got to see Sav ultra mega happy which is always a bonus. And don't forget to take it easy because gosh golly, you deserve it.

The 3x3

Each of these things also has one of these things in them. They're 3x3 poems. A form I created many moons ago. It's simply 3 lines with 3 words per line. Mad dope. This one is about love and junk.

Gif O Clock

I post a gif on every one of these things and I guess the purpose of them is to destory the sadness machine. Which makes this the perfect gif.

Two songs. Two vibes.

Today's songs are polar opposites. ‘Gone Shootin' is one of my favourite driving songs whilst 'Take Some Time' sort of urges you to stay in bed.

Dragon Lands

I still have a few copies left of Dragon Lands so to help shift the last few, use the code DRAGONSTACKERS to knock 20% off the price


And I'll hopefully talk to you all soon! Enjoy your Sunday.

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