31st March 2021

I long to be alive. Alive not only defined by a beating heart but how I spend these days. We are here and yes, we are living but are we alive? Where is our energy? I feel an absence from the electricity in bones and shock therapy for the soul. You know the nights on the verge of spring around 7pm and you look out from a hilltop and the sky is saying, hey, put down the gunpowder, I am a show all by myself. It is that feeling and those butterflies and those goosebumps and that sort of cockiness I miss. There is only so much a sky can do through one window. This time last year, a friend asked me, what do you want to be in five years and I fumbled through an answer - ya know, poet, designer, creative with a camera but it is a year later and if you asked me the same question right now, I would say alive, because honestly there is nothing I would rather be. I would say alive mother fucker, I would say, alive.

Gif O Clock

I mean technically up there was the 3x3 and the GIF but like, I'm not going to do you dirty and not give you this gif because it's fantastic and you should add it to your daily compliment bank.


And this song because it's a classic and it's Wednesday and everybody is overdue a boogie

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