aches into anthems

the hush is here baby

I began the conversation on stagnation on my Instagram earlier. About remaining in the state of pride over Mind Noise Two. I know it isn't even a week since it has been released but I have had multiple people ask what's next. Mind Noise Two is no way the end, if anything it is more beginning than Mind Noise One ever has been and ever will be. I have projects in the bag, finished and requiring polishing but who knows when they'll be available, if ever. My certainty rests on the fact that Mind Noise Two is here and it's the best thing I have ever done and I always want to feel this way when I release or do anything. Right now I am more happy than I have been in a long time - I still have ways to go but happier and that's the right direction. Me and Sav went to the beach and forgot anything else existed for a whole day and what wonders it serbws

If you have a copy of Mind Noise Two, take each poem in. Read it and then read it again. We are in a world that devours everything yet remains hungry and then demands more. There is so much available at our fingertips we will never have enough time to get through it all. So instead of rushing through what we can, let's take the time and take it in. I am learning that I will never finish my story. That no matter what I do, something will always be left untold. What we do with our time is so important. And I am learning it not about writing a poem a day, posting daily or keeping up with an algorithm that is ever shifting. It has never been about rummaging around within myself for a new poem but more about allowing the poems to come naturally and the stories to be told right. However, there are times I must remind myself of this. And you, reader, writer, guitar player, painter, the melody and the right colours will find you. Read my book and every book with attention and give yourself whole to it. Who knows if we get another go around. Who knows if the afterlife is just a library of all the literature we weren't able to consume. Just treat every page like you have forever. Every piece of art like a novel. And don't be afraid to put the pen down if the words aren't finding you. There is always tomorrow, today simply wants to be something else, so let it.


Let it flow

like the seasons

allow the shifting.

gif o clock

The sun out here wrecking the F out of our days. IT'S TOO HOT.

dallas green covers songs

City and Colour have done three cover EPs consisting of two tracks each and upon careful consideration, I have concluded this is my favourite cover from them:

And below is a cover not on an EP that's Hella dope. Probably my favourite cover overall. See you for the next one, homies.