A moment of silence

In the busiest world yet

Since I arrived in New Zealand there have been builders next door making the most amount of noise possible. As they are building a house, they are going to be there a while and even though it has been hella annoying, a positive has come out of it. I have started to ponder on silence and its great qualities in more detail. I think of the books we read and how loud the action scenes can be through the power of words alone. I read a short horror story for Halloween and could hear the deafening scream cut through the silence. I think of everything in the world that makes a sound. How the more we go forward, the louder the world gets. With the rise of video comes the rise of racket. Instagram now moving away from its still image core into motion changes how we perceive art. You can take a still image and make it move if you shoot it dramatic or emotional enough. The way light is photographed can give off warmth or you can sense the coldness. I know there are plenty of beautiful videos. I know you can capture motion in a beautiful way but nobody seems to be trying to make their motion, still. Sure when we talk about motion pictures there are movies designed to capture such things but on social media feeds it is all about motion. About moving and making enough noise to be heard. My autism isn’t a fan of such noise so I am experimenting with what I can do in the silence. I am doing it all through tik tok and you can watch the first one above!

This is probably the closest to silence noise gets. I love field recordings and this is one of them. Find some silence this week and take it

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