7 Responses To Cheer Up

1. Fuck You

2. If I ever see you drowning, I won't try to save you, I'll just shout 'swim'

3. How I didn't think of this sooner is a mystery. I've been crying into a lasagne for six hours but now you come to think of it, I'll just CHEER UP

4. Imagine breaking every bone in your body and being expected to play sports, this is the same thing but replace bones with feelings and playing sports with being alive.

5. Depression isn't a choice. Depression isn't a dirty window you just wipe away. Depression isn't sadness. It is deeper and there is no submarine. Only a house worth of bricks tied to each ankle

6. I trapped my wings in the car door and now my demons are doing donuts and trust me, I am praying the fuel runs out. Instead of saying cheer up, help me stop the engine.

7. Again, fuck you.


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