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the hush has got some time to make up for

Substackers!! It was my birthday Sunday so I took the week to celebrate. Then I got super sick. Potentially poisoned but not purposely and now I'm back. Still not 100% but hello, hi, howdy, I hope you're all well. I. Am. Not. It's okay though, I'm mentally okay just feeling like this has happened to me:

So yeah, decapitation is not cool. And if there's one takeaway from this newsletter it's probably that. I have the exact energy of a fan bought from 'wish.com’ and for those who don't understand that joke, wish is a place where you cheap things that barely work. It's a blast and you should totally check it out. Today I just wanted to tune in and say from Sunday we are back to the new normal programming.

One free newsletter every weekend

One subscriber-only once a week

And I am going to packing in more content with Old Tin Cup and Hush Plus (subscriber-only) - it is all very exciting. Until then, I hope you are all well. I have left a bunch of music below. Get a little lost and enjoy your weekend.

Here are two new releases from some incredible UK artists

And as I stated on my last Old Tin Cup post - Drake has not been putting out music I enjoy lately but throughout the years he has put out some music I listen to quite regularly. I would probably go as far as saying there's a Drake song for everybody even if it's just one out of his extensive catalog. Well here's some of my most listened to. And we’ll start with Marvin's Room because I don't think Drake will ever be this good again 😥

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