The sugar mines

If this was a film, Andrew Garfield would play everybody in it apart from one guy and the whole film is Andrew Garfield trying to complete his world domination

I cannot explain why I believed sugar came from mines but it doesn't, and I will be honest, I am a little disappointed. It is developed from plants, but we don't need to get into the sugar process right now. I think the main takeaway from the video was to see the beauty in the process. Don't focus solely on the destination because there is so much to see along the way. I am enjoying the drive right now, taking it slow and taking in the view. If something you are doing doesn't lead to the places you expect, then there is always something we have learned along the way. There is always something we have seen that screams beautiful, and it is our choice to listen. Instead of rushing forward, we should take our foot off the pedal and find the scenic. Find the slow down and the pause. Instead of focusing only on what’s ahead, what’s right now? What’s right here? It’s strange how unfamiliar a room can feel when we stare at every inch of it. When we trace the skirting boards' from corner to corner. Instead of the quick glance, we should consider the hidden secrets. The gems that are professionals at hide and seek. The gold mines glaring and waving, begging for attention. When we stop and look, the size of this world becomes obvious. Everything falls into scale, and the enormity around us makes itself known. Don’t be daunted by how small we are; instead, be grateful for all we get to see. There are so many eyes that will not grace the land you stare upon at this moment. We are among the select few. So, wherever you are, look around right now. Take in the now and the here. Dare to notice what you never have. Dare to hear what you’ve never heard. I will leave you with one question - when we are entirely present in our current state, how much does the world shift around us?

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Here is a sneak peek of the cover art for next week's Christmas zine! I will read you a poem in a couple days on the disconnect!

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